Universal Property Service: we have been winterizing sprinkler systems for over 15 years.  I set this simple website up to connect with any existing and old customers that we have lost connection with over the years.


Note: Only select days are available online

Please call (586) 531-2520 to set up a custom appointment. For the west side (Royal Oak Northville, Ann Arbor), Please refer to www.NoviSprinklers.com

Valve Repair: Spring is the time to tighten up any problems with your system. Broken pipes, valve leaks, faulty wires, and broken backflow preventers are some of the problems that will need to be tended to. 

Sprinkler valve problems? We can help solve any leaking valve, connection issue or broken sprinkler line. Irrigation valves may have loosened up over the years. We can help you avoid costly water bills.

The Key Benefit of using Universal Property Service is that we are proficient with all aspects of the sprinkler system. We have been servicing  systems for 15 years and have a high customer satisification rate.  

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Cracked Shut off valve Replacement parts!

It is important, to replace your broken shut off valve with a tapped shut off valve as seen in the picture.

With out the tap you are holding water compressed inside the backflow preventions assembly. It will remain in there all winter and potentially break the shut off valve again, or break other components in the valve.

When winterizing water will hold below the first check valve inside the unit, it is sealed all winter until freeze damage sets in.

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